Monday, November 7, 2011

In Preschool we share everything...

Well I think I experienced my first no sharing moment.  It was a typical morning and we were outside playing.  One child was running and tripped, I mean come on if you don't expect 1 of 17 to trip daily then you aren't planning right :).  Well of course another child came running to me report the incident while the injured, although minor, child was calmly walking towards me.  I told her I would fix it with a band aid and before I could even pull out the band aid she ripped the band aid off her elbow and...

I bet you can guess what happened!

Luckily I've been teaching for 8 years and I expect lots of wild and crazy things out of 4 year olds so I stuttered for a second but before the used band aid hit the newly injured child's arm I blurted "DON'T SHARE YOUR BAND AID".  Both children quickly turned towards me with a confused look and were a bit shocked but complied.  I then promptly explained that while it was very nice and caring band aids carry germs and as we have been speaking about for weeks we don't want to share our germs.  This explanation was accepted and everyone went about their merry way with CLEAN germ free band aids of their own.

And I think we have officially figured out the one situation where sharing is not expected or even praised!!!

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